This afternoon?s walk

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Do you have a very busy schedule? You could take a walk in the countryside or you could squeeze in a few hours of playing casino games at to relax.

A gloriously sunny afternoon drew Erica and me out of doors for a walk this afternoon. Today?s a public holiday in the UK, so felt justified in abandoning our respective desks and tasks for the pleasures of the countryside.

We?re fortunate to live in an area that is well provided with footpaths and lanes that are away from the traffic and general hustle.


At a number of points there are structures like this, like very large chimneys sticking out of the ground. They are ventilation shafts for the railway tunnel. We were close to one when we heard an uprushing of air from the chimney, followed by the sound of a diesel engine and the noise of a train rolling along the track. As the back of the train passed the opening below the shaft, it sucked the air back down the chimney.

If you didn?t know what they were, you could get quite a fright from these unexpected noises in the middle of the woods. No sign of a railway anywhere. Weird!