A couple of family things

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Erica celebrated her birthday on 15 February with this cake!


Erica and I drove to Coventry on Friday evening to attend the UK Training Institute Tutors? Conference. Of course (of course?) we went via Northampton so that I could meet our new granddaughter, Maya, for the first time.


Erica, lucky thing, had said hello to Maya a few days before. So I got to hold Maya, who fell asleep in my arms (after a bit of wriggling and complaining) and slept for a good hour.

Health warning: I?m about to bore the pants of non-grandparents.

Sorry, I can?t help myself, but I?have?to say that she is really lovely – she doesn?t look a bit like Winston Churchill. However, she is giving her parents a hard time. She?s demanding to be fed about once every hour and Vicky and Tom are exhausted.

I assured them that it will get better. Until, that is, Maya enters her teens?