The ethic of reciprocity – the Golden Rule

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In?my post?about the meeting organized by the Maranatha Community in the House of Lords to discuss the diminution of genuine religious freedom resulting from the lack of reciprocity when a particular religion refuses to recognizes the right of people to leave their religion and choose another, I reported on a presentation in which Sam Solomon claimed that there was no equivalent of the Golden Rule in Islam and that this lack leads to deep rooted inequality in Muslim thinking between ?believers? and ?unbelievers?. Those who have been Muslims and convert to other religions are subject to particular obloquy as ?apostates?.

Umm Yasmin (now a Muslim, formerly a Baha?i under the name of Rachel Woodlock) rightly says that I did not correct Sam Solomon?s claim. I should have done so. But before I do, I need to address the question of freedom to change one?s religion. If I seriously believe that my religion is truth given by God, then surely it is my duty to invite others to investigate this truth, since the seeker?s acceptance or otherwise of the truth will determine their fate through eternity. Baha?u’llah couches this as a statement of the Golden Rule:

The children of men are all brothers, and the prerequisites of brotherhood are manifold. Among them is that one should wish for one