Phillipe?s round-up of Baha?i blogwarriors

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Phillipe does a great job with his regular?round-up?of Baha?i blogs that have particularly struck him in the last week or so.

I?m amazed at the number of Baha?i blogs that are on the go – around 200-300, according to Phillipe. Of course, that?s a drop in the mighty blog ocean, and not a high proportion of the Baha?i population – even of the Baha?i population in the parts of the world that are likely to have access to the technology necessary to write blogs.

I shall be running a course on basic blogging for Baha?is at the Liverpool Baha?i Centre at the beginning of June. My aim is to encourage a few more Baha?is to dip a toe into this particular ocean.